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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Missha Super Aqua Blackhead Clear Oil

Contents: 30ml
Price: HKD153.00

According to Missha's webpage:

Say goodbye to blackheads without the use of painful nose patches, and get the perfectly clear nose you’ve always dreamed of.

This revolutionary new product comes in an adorable oil-drop style dispenser bottle, and works wonders on stubborn blackheads on the nose.

The aromatic oil has a very pleasing citrus scent and contains grape seed oil and green tea extracts that help ease out blackheads and other embedded debris, as well as camellia flower and lemon oils that control excess sebum secretion in the skin. The oil also contains Dead Sea salt granules that massage and exfoliate for a deeper cleansing effect

My Opinion:

I'm someone who hates to toss away things before finishing it off. If a product isn't breaking me out I will usually try to finish it off or give it to a friend.

I'm really sad to have to tell you that I've toss this away, and the reason is because it smells horrible, (exactly like cooking oil), and I just can't stand slathering this all over my face and massage.

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