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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Phyto Gloss

Contents: 145ml / 7.9 fl oz
Shade: Chocolate
Price: HK$150.00
Local of Purchase: City Super
According to the package:
Designed to revive the radiance of your hair, this Phytogloss Chocolate highlights treatment works on colored or uncolored hair to bring out the vitality of your color, making your locks look fresh from the salon.
Providing extreme shine, this innovative treatment works without oxidation or discoloration, containing Brazil Pernamboux wood extracts that restores the radiance of brown to dark colors, this chocolate highlight shampoo is a must have for dulling brunette hair.
Direction of use:
Put on the gloves provided in the cap.
Remove the protective tab and apply 4 to 6 pressures of Phytogloss on towel dried hair, taking care to distribute thoroughly.
Put the protective cap on again after use.
Active Ingredients:
95% natural origin ingredients.
Botanical pigments, which are specific to the chosen shade, deliver a vibrant colour that respects hair.
Mango butter is rich in fatty acids to provide deep down nourishment for the hair The antioxidant action of vitamin E protects the colour.
Colza oil derivative allows easier detangling
My Opinion:
I've initially wanted something that would give my hair some shine, but was unable to find it in Hong Kong, and the closest thing that I found was Phyto Gloss.
This product left my hair smooth and shiny, but it did change the color of my hair, I've noticed a reddish brown tint when I was under the sun/lights, fortunately the color wasn't permanent and it washes off.
The color doesn't cover white hair, because I've tried it on my hubbies hair and the white part was still white.
The best thing about this product was its scent, it smells exactly like chocolate and I did not detect any chemical scent on it.

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