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Friday, December 25, 2009

Project 10 Pan Update

I'm nearly done with my project 10 pan, now let me recap the rest of the stuffs that I've finished so far:

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser - although i only use it in the morning (I find that it doesn't completly remove my makeup ), it's still my all time favorite cleanser, and I already have a back up for this.

Estee Lauder Perfectionist CP+ Wrinkle Lifting Serum - This serum claims that it instantly lifts your face, and in the long run reduces lines, wrinkles and age spot. I've been using it for 3-4 months (note that i only use it in the morning), and it didn't do anything at all to my skin (well at least it didn't break me out).

This serum comes in a creamy texture, and when applied it turns silky (like those silicone makeup base), fortunately I got mine from my sister inlaw, and i don't think I'll ever pay for this.

Teen Teen Auto Lipliner - This is a Korean product, and the color that I have is no. 27 Beige. This is actually the only lipliner that i use (I have half a dozen of this in my drawer), this color is the closest thing to my natural lip color and it goes with all the other lip products that i have. I usually line and fill my lips with this and top it with other lip products.


I've swatch it really hard so the color will show up, usually it isn't this dark.

The Body Shop Basil Purifying Mask 100ml - This is a deep cleanse mask that's suitable for all skin types (i think it will work even if you have delicate skin, it's a very gentle mask), I think I got this last year, but i didn't really use it in the summer (I prefer the blue corn mask in summer time). I've already got a new tube of Mint Julep, so I don't think I'm buying this again yet.

Neutrogena Advance Solutions Pore Refining Peel 50g - I don't know if I'll be cheating in counting this product, because when I rediscovered this, I found out that it has gone bad (there should have been enough product for one more use). The reason why i didn't finish this off was because I hated the smell, this is a peeling mask that uses enzymes to exfoliate, it was suppose to be suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin, but i just can't stand the smell....

The following stuffs are not over yet, but I think they'll be gone by next weeks:

Dior Hydra Action Visible Defense Hydra Protective Eve Creme SPF20 - This stuffs is unbelievable, I've used it every single day and it has lasted me 2 years. You only need a pea size for both eyes, it's very hydrating and it has SPF20. I don't think there are too many eye creams with SPF in the market, and i thing this is a good choice .

Kanebo Testimo Lipstick - The color that i have is PK-210, it's a sheer, glossy pink color (I'm not really a gloss person, because I hate the sticky feeling, so in order to duplicate the gloss effect, I like sheer lipsticks)

Etude Jelly Bar - The color that I have is 05, is a coral peachy sheertone lipstick. I love this color, but i think this product is already gone and no longer available.

Including the other 2 products on my first article, i.e. lancome makeup base and bioessence peeling gel, I declare that I've completed my first round of project 10 pan. It was actually quite fun, and i think I'll be doing it again later.

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