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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Liese Bubble Hair Color

Price: HK$69.90
Shade: Glossy Brown

This kit contains:
  • 40ml of solution 1 (bottle at the right)
  • 60ml of solution 2 (bottle in the middle)
  • Hair Lotion 4g (packet in the front row)
  • 1 pair of Gloves
  • Instruction sheets

According to the package:
Dye your hair by simply massaging the foam gently into your hair, even difficult to reach areas like the hair at the back of the head and the inner layers will be colored evenly and beautifully.
  1. Pour solution 1 into solution 2, turn it upside down a few times gently to mix;
  2. Gently squeeze the center of bottle to dispense foam
  3. Apply foam to dry hair. cover hair completely with foam and massage it in
  4. Massage foam into hair all the way to the roots. Lather up until hair is completely covered with the foam
  5. Once hair is covered with foam, leave it for 20 to 30 minutes
  6. Rinse thoroughly shampoo and apply the hair lotion enclosed.

  • Use only on dry hair;
  • Not for the use on gray or white hair (it does not cover white hair, it'll remain white)
  • Using on bleached or damaged hair may cause color results to vary or color to fade more quickly

My Opinion:

I like to color my hair and I need to go to the salon every 6 weeks for touch up, and I was recently complaining about the color fading really fast (I've notice that it started to fade after I've colored my hair for about 3 weeks).

I've always wanted to color my hair at home, but I just can't do it for myself, because of those areas at the back which I can't reach.....

When I came across Liese , I though I would give it a try, and was very happy with the results. It was really easy to use, it wasn't messy at all, the color was very close to the one in the package and the color didn't fade (I've colored my hair 7 weeks ago).

I've very satisfied with this product, but please be aware that this does leave your hair super dry.... (that might be me only, cause I already have damaged hair).

After I dye my hair it was really dry and coarse, none of my usual hair care products was able to improve it, and it took me 4 trips to the hair dresser to make it manageable.


  1. Hi :)

    Im curious where did u buy this product since ive been searching it in other places and couldnt able to find the price as cheap as yours.

  2. I got it from mannings in HK, and they always have sales during the weekends.

  3. hi, i'm looking for a suitable DIY like Liese Bubble Hair Color to touch up. should i apply the foam to all or only the top part which i planned to touch up? as i'm afraid it doesn't match with the existing color on my hair that i got from salon.

  4. you'll have to apply it to your whole hair, because the color at the bottom will fade. I've tried to use it for touch up and end up having different shades...