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Saturday, December 26, 2009

X'mas Haul - Ipsa

This should be my last article on X'mas Haul, after this X'mas I don't think I'll be going shopping again for a long long time.

I was in IPSA today, and did a skin test. According to the results, I had problems with freckles, uneven skin tone and dull skin. The good news was I do not have any problems with dead skin cells (thanks to pretika, and if you are interested check out my previous post)

Sun Protector

It has SPF30 PA+++ (This is my second bottle)


Both items are the same thing, the left one was a gift. The lady at the counter said that my lack of luminosity might be due to bad circulation so she recommended this massage cream and told me to massage it twice per week in the evening and that should improve my skin tone and luminosity.

I didn't get much today because I had a really bad experience in Ipsa, I went there because I've wanted to get the Pore Less Foundation, but after being color matched with 101, she told me that Pure Protect Foundation will better suit my needs (I've told her that i needed higher coverage because I've got huge pores around my cheeck area).

She'd tried the foundation on me, and that didn't cover anything at all (I apologize if anyone loves this product, but I've just hated it), I've insisted in having the Pore Less Foundation, it's then that she tells me that my color is out of stock (she should have told me earlier), I've asked her when will they have it restocked, and guess what she said????? "We won't be restocking it, this product is no longer available". I was really irritated (wanted to strangle her), so I've just got the above products, refusing to get any foundation. It is by then that she asks me to leave a number so that she could call me when the Pore Less Foundation comes in.

I used to like IPSA products, but after today's experience, I don't think I'll be going back anymore.

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