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Friday, January 22, 2010

Colour zone - Lip gloss

Contents: 6g
Price: HK$43

From Left to right:
  • Colour zone crystal shine lipgloss 07
  • Colour zone fruit juice lipgloss 05
  • Colour zone crystal shine lipgloss01
According to the colour zone webpages:
Fine texture with a long-lasting gloss. The gelatin ingredients prevent stickiness and smudging, and the brilliant fruit colours make your lips as luscious and juicy as fresh fruit pastilles.
The crytal shine series has a sheer finish, while the fruit juice series is more opaque. Considering it's price this is not a bad product, but don't believe it when the company says it isn't sticky because it is, and it has very low staying power, I had to reapply it all the time, but since it has this fruity scent that i love, I don't mind reapplying it.
This gloss isn't really one of my favorites, I would much prefer maybelline or nyx.
You may find colour zone products in SASA.

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