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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Boots luxurious soft intensive foot moisturising cream

Contents: 120ml
Price 400 Baht (got this from thailand)

According to the package:

This rich, non-greasy cream contains jojoba oit to moisturise, added vitamin A and vitamin E to smooth and condition your skin, whilst essential oils and menthol soothe and refresh your skin.

Apply generously to clean, dry feet and massage until absorbed.

My Opinion:
I've got seriously dry feet and I think that's the consequence of neglecting my feet for over 20 years.

I've actually found the best foot cream, and that's NIVEA, but I just keep on trying new stuff hoping that I'll find something better (no such luck yet....)

The boots foot cream is ok, smells great, absorbs really fast, but it only provides enough moisture for my feet during summer, it does not work for me during winter time.

I think this product is no longer available (I got mine from thailand last year), the new version looks like this:

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