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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

SkinFood Aloe Sun BB Pact

Contents: 14g
Shade: #1 Bright Skin Color
Price: HKD215

Product Description:
A sun protection BB pact with water emulsion formula. As a simple solution for base makeup, its refreshing feeling and satin finish enhance its wear, creating a more natural and translucent skin tone.
Aloe Sun BB pact comes in a round shaped airless/airtight container. After turning the lid counterclockwise, open the lid and place an adequate amount on the puff. Then, pat the wider areas of the face and evenly spread out onto the entire face
My opinion:
If you guys read my review on skinfood bb cream, you would know that I'm not a huge friend of skingfood bb cream, mainly because their shades are just not right for me.
Anyway, I was persuaded again by the saleslady to get this (I got this ages ago, and I don't think this is available anymore), and was told that I could keep this in my bag and use it for touch up.
Conclusion: wrong shade and never use it....

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