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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Valesence Acne Lotion

Contents: 200ml or 6.8 fl.oz.

According to the Package:
Swiss brand Valesence, is the research and development personnel who is engaged in the research and development medicine cosmetology product profession by the multi-positions, develops after many year accumulation experience.
It is made from the latest active cell elements and extracted of dionezed waterd, arbutus, infrared rays liquid, bird's nest essence, lactic acid and collagen, etc.

My opinion:
I have monthly breakouts and was recommended to get this by my esthetician. Since it appears that none of my previous acne products seems to be working I got myself a bottle.
You are suppose to soak this in a cotton wool and leave in on top of your break out for 10 minutes. It does seems to speed up the drying process and I think that this is a very good substitute for the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion, since it was alot cheaper.
I've tried placing this around my cheeks where the pores are larger, and it does seems to shrink them.
I've try to locate this product in the net, but it appears that this is a salon product where you can't find it anywhere else....

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