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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Skinfood Grape Seed Oil anti-wrinkle neck cream

Contents: 50g
Price: HK$105

According to skinfood's webpage:
It is an intensive neck cream producing an excellent firming effect. Rich in grape seed oil with anti-aging vitamin E and essential fatty acids helps to hydrate the skin and keeps it suppled
How to use:
Apply desired amount on neck in an upward motion. Repeat motion until the cream is completely absorbed.
My Opinion:
I got this mainly for fun, because I don't really believe that you need an extra cream for your neck. I usually just apply whatever I'm using on the face to my neck as well.
This neck cream smells delicious, but that's just about it. I didn't really notice any changes on my neck skin texture. I think this is just gimmicks.

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