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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Bling Bling Mini Acne Therapy Device

Local of Purchase: Mannings
Price: HK$465

According to Clariancy's webpage:

Introducing Bling Bling Mini.
Effectively clears 90% of newly formed acne within 24 hours.

The Science behind Bling Bling Mini.

How does it work?

The bacteria known as Propionibacterium acnes (P.acnes) is largely responsible for acne development. It is both light and heat sensitive.

Bio Ceramic Far-infrared to induce controlled heat shock response.

The heat shock response occurs in virtually all organisms, including P. acnes. This response occurs when a heat stress is imposed on the bacteria. Heat shock proteins are induced in large quantities during this response and these proteins act by breaking down components of P.acnes leading to eradication of the bacteria and clearing of acne.

420nm Blue Light

P.acnes is known to naturally produce high amounts of intracellular porphyrins. These porphyrins are photosensitive. When porphyrins absorb light of certain wavelengths, in particular blue light, free radical damage is produced, and this in turn destroys the bacteria.

Bling Bling Mini works by utilising both bio ceramic far-infrared and 420nm blue light to bring about destruction of P.acnes. The area treated is gently heated to 46.5 to 49.5 degrees celsius over 2 and a half minutes. Simultaneously the treatment tip emits blue light over the treatment area. The combination of these two technologies lead to effective clearing of acne, while at the same time, leaving the surrounding skin intact.

Treatment with the Bling Bling Mini is safe and painless.

Newly formed acne is most suitable for this treatment. Efficacy has been observed for older mild to moderate acne but may require multiple applications and a longer duration. Severe cases of acne will require medical consultation.


Bling Bling Mini has been designed with the end user in mind. The ergonomic and innovative design makes it an attractive and portable acne device. Carry it wherever you go. And unlike other devices, the Bling Bling Mini is economical. There are no consumables. There is no need for replacement tips or batteries. It has a semi-permanent tip which does not require replacements and can be charged using a USB cable. It also has a quick charging time of 45 minutes.

How do you use it?

90% treatment effect within 24 hours using 2-3 applications

No side effects. Unlike medications, it is safe to use.

Minimise scars during acne treatment.

Small, compact and easy to carry around.

Semi- permanent and econmical. No replacement tips and batteries necessary.

Quick charging time of 45 mins. Comes with both power adaptor and USB cable.

Strong treatment effect with new Bio-Ceramic Far Infrared Technology.

Is the Bling Bling Mini safe to use?

Yes. The Bling Bling Mini has been approved by the Korean Food and Drug Association

(KFDA) and the device conforms with the CE European Directive for medical devices.

How do you use it?

It is very simple to use.

Remove the cover from the Bling Bling Mini.

Press the switch to turn on the device.

Wait 1 to 1.5 minutes and a “bling bling sound will appear”

Upon hearing this, place the treatment tip to the area to be treated and press the switch again.

Hold the device onto your skin for 2.5 minutes. You should hear a sound every 10 seconds.

Once 2.5 minutes have passed, the device will sound “bling bling” again.

To switch off the device at the stage, press and hold the switch for 2-3 seconds.

To treat another area, press the switch once and then place it on another area.

What comes in the box?

Bling Bling Mini Device

Instruction Manual

USB Cable

Is there any warranty?

All Bling Bling Mini products comes with a 1 year limited warranty.

My Opinion:

I think this little gadget really does get rid of your acnes really fast, especially those acnes without a head, it will get rid of the swelling and redness overnight.

I got this way back in 2010, and have used it for several months, but then I've started to notice that I keep on breaking out in exactly the same spot. I'm starting to suspect that the break out might be related to this gadget, and although I've stopped using it, even after 2 years I still keep on breaking out in exactly the same spot where the gadget has been applied, and it is always the cystic type that will stay on forever. Right now I have this ginormous acne on my chin, and it has been there for nearly 3 months......

Update 1 October 2013:

I've stopped using this gadget because I'm fairly sure that this is the reason why I keep on breaking out at the exact same spot. Although after using it the acne will shrink, it's only temporary, and once you stop using it it'll come back again.

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