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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Maybelline Pure Pact Mineral

Shade: OC2
Price: Case - HK$39, Powder - HK$83

My Opinion:

I've concluded that I do not like the maybelline mineral's series. I've tried the liquid and the loose powder and neither worked for me, call me stubborn, but I've still wanted to try the pressed powder and was equally dissapointed....

I've got this in OC2 because I've got OC1 for the liquid and it was slightly too light, but this is just way too yellow, I guess I should be somewhere between OC1 and OC2.

The main reason why I did not like this product, is because it just sits on top of my face and it makes is very obvious that I have a layer of powder on. I've tried other minerals (edm, alima, mac, etc) and I never had this problem, these other brands just melts into my skin. I guess that maybelline's mineral is not for me.

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