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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Juju Cosmetics Natural Juju Moisture Aloe Cream

Contents: 50g
Price: HKD65.00
Smooth cream locks in sufficient moisture. The skin becomes lustrous and elastic in the next morning. Contains hyaluronic acid※.

※Moisturizing Ingredient

no fragrance/no artificial color/no mineral oil/Mild acidity

Ingredients: organic aloe, hyaluronic acid

According to Sasa's webpage:
JuJu Cosmetics Natural JuJu Moisture Aloe Cream is suitable for all skin types. Made of 100% organic aloe, the cream keeps the skin’s moisture level in balance, prevents the pre-mature signs of aging, stimulates the renewal process of skin cells and strengthens the natural barrier function of surface skin. Skin looks hydrated, soft and supple. Contains no fragrance, artificial color and mineral oil.

how to use it
After using cleanser and toner, apply the moisture aloe cream on face and massage gently until it is fully absorbed. Repeat application on dry skin.

country of origin

suitable for
normal skin / all skin type

My Opinion:
I've been using this during the winter, and this stuff really does hydrates, but I found it to be too heavy for the winter, even as a night cream is still too heavy for me.

Update 24/12/2011: I've noticed that if I apply this on a damp face it absorbs alot faster and it feels less heavy. I've been using this cream everynight for the last 2 weeks and I always wake up with super soft and hydrated skin.


  1. I bought this one in one of my previous purchases, but haven't used it yet. A heavy cream suited for winter (or dry skin) as you say? Well, I can leave it in the closet for a while because my winter skin always needs tons of hydratation while my summer needs are always for mattifying. Thanks for the review so I can keep the cream locked and sealed (and fresh) for a while ;D

  2. I've tried to close it tightly and have my fingers crossed that it won't go bad