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Sunday, June 12, 2011

O2 Hydramoist Aroma Ionic Series Elastic Treatment

Contents: 450ml

Price: HKD 580

My Opinion:

This product is only available at professional salons, and I couldn't find any information about it online, meanwhile the package description only comes in Japanese (which I know nothing about it). I guess that I will only be able to tell you my opinion on this product.

Background info about my hair condition: I've got super dry hair due to constant chemical treatment, and for about 5 years I have never used a conditioner, I always use a hair treatment in the place of a conditioner.

My first impression about this product was its price, EXPENSIVE, I mean I've always stick with drugstore brands for hair treatments and it has never cost me more than HKD200, so I was kind of sceptical to try this out, but my stylist insisted that this will work, and I was hoping that I won't need to chop off my hair....

Let's forward in time, and after using 2 pack of this product I didn't see any improvement and I still had to chop off my hair....

Conclusion: I won't be buying this again, and I'll just stick with drugstore hair treatments.

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