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Sunday, August 7, 2011

O2 Hydramoist Ionic Styling Cream

Contents: 750 ml
Price: HKD280

My Opinion:

I must have mentioned before that I was unable to find any information online about this brand, so as usual this review is going to be my personal opinion.

O2 hair care products are exclusively sold at hair salons, and I've already blogged about their hair masks. After trying several items from this brand I've concluded that most of their stuffs are over priced and I don't usually repurchase them, with the exception of this styling cream.

I think I've gone thru 5 bottle of these, and I'm always repurchasing it. This is basically a hair cream for curly hair, which doesn't feel sticky, and it leaves my hair very soft. A bottle will usually last me for about 4 months, unfortunately, I was told by my stylist that they no longer carries the 750ml bottles, so I'm stuck with those tiny bottles that won't even last for a month.... 

容量: 750 ml
價錢: HKD280


O2護髮產品好像只能於專業髮廊找到,而早前我亦曾評論過它的髮膜,試過這個品牌的幾件產品後,個人認為這個品牌的售價過高,除了這個Styling Cream,不直亦不會再買。



  1. can buy here???

    please contact

  2. hello, i would like to ask where can u buy this in Hong Kong? I'm looking for this everywhere! :)
    please contact: wingwing94 @ gmail . com (please remove the spaces)
    thank you so much :) :)

    1. I didn't get this in Hong Kong, so I've got no idea where u could find it in HK

  3. Where can find this product?