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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightener

Shade: Medium
Contents: 7ml
Price: HKD290.00

According to QVC's webpage:
What is it: A lightweight concealer to instantly brighten under-eye circles and refresh your look.
Who is it for: Ideal for anyone--women, men, even teens--who need minimal under-eye coverage. Also an ideal alternative to concealer on weekends or to touch up your regular concealer throughout the day.
How do I use it: Apply a small amount to under-eye area and pat to blend.
  • Light Bisque: for light skin tones that burn first, then tan
  • Light to Medium Peach: for medium to tan skin tones that tan easily
  • Dark Peach: for medium golden skin tones that tan very easily
  • Deep Peach: for dark skin tones
  • Made in Canada
My Opinion:
This product now comes in a pen form, the one that I've got is the older version that has been discontinued.

I had this for ages, and didn't really use it until recently when I've finally figured that this isn't a concealer, therefore it won't conceal my circles (it took me a while to figure....)

On my well rested days (note: even with 12hr sleep I still have circles, the intensity varies, but is always there), I've been using this before my concealer, and it seems to brighten the whole under eye area. 

I've finally finished my pot, and after reading several negative reviews about the pen form, (especially when the price for the pen form remains unchanged while the quantity of product has been reduced to 1.5ml), I've finally decided to get YSL touch eclat instead of BB.

顏色: Medium
容量: 7ml
價錢: HKD290.00




剛剛用完這瓶,再上網看過別人對新包裝的評價後,還是決定買YSL Touche Eclat好了。

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