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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Bonzza Clinical Ionic Styling Cream

Contents: 350ml
Price: HK$168
Local of purchase: Hair salon

According to the package:

Clinical Ionic Styling Cream is prepared by the latest technology, with the blend of free radical and multiple amino acid an protein forms the basis of optimum styling. Leaves the hair feeling strong with plenty of body and volume whilst taking the best possible care of the hair. Ideal for finger shaped and scrunch dries styles, simply lightly moisten the hair to reshape the style again and again the next day. The special formula effectively repairs permed, color treated and ceramic permed hair, making it smooth and not easily breakable.

My Opinion:

I always have a bottle of this product in my bathroom, because my stylist insist that I need it.....

This product is actually pretty good, because it really does hold my curves and it doesn't leave my hair sticky. Whenever I've used this product, when I wash my hair by the end of the day, my hair feels really smooth. The only downfall is it's price, a bottle of this would last me for about a month, and I find it quite expensive.

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