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Thursday, September 13, 2012

VS Japan Premium Intensive Hair Mask

Contents: Deluxe Sample Size
Price: HK$15.00
Local of Purchase: Watsons

My Opinion:

My tub of hair mask is only a deluxe sample which I got it from Watson's, I'm not sure how much product it has, but there was enough product for 4 application for my shoulder length hair.

I've finished my tub and I'm not over excited about this product, don't misunderstand me cause this is not a bad product, it does soften my hair, leaves it manageable and it does tame down my frizziness, but if I compare it with my favorite hair masks (Kao Essentials), which does exactly the same thing, only better because I do see actual improvement in my hair texture, and I can actually feel it repairing my hair after each application (OMG I've just noticed that I've never reviewed the Kao Essentials in the pink tub, which is also a favorite)


  1. I just bought this hair treatment! Is the one sold in HK made in Japan?

    1. Yup, that's the one, hope that it works for you