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Friday, January 4, 2013

My Beauty Stash

I've been avoiding this article for ages, because I did not wanted to count my stash, but since is still new year, I've brace myself and took pictures of all my stash, and finally concluded that my new year resolution would be "NO BUY". My initial plan would be not to buy for 6 months, until the end of June, unless it's something that I'm out or essential (which I doubt would ever happen....)

I store most of my beauty stash in these plastic drawers 

Powders and foundations that I use on a daily basis, and some of my favorite maybelline blushes as well

Most of the products in this drawer are still in their original boxes, i.e. brand new.....

My favorite drawer, BLUHES

I've got several categories in this drawer, concealers, single shadows, cream shadows and some liners.

Front row are lipsticks and liquid foundations, backrow are backups and powders that I no longer use

My makeup brushes

My backup drawer

A drawer for all my makeup backups

Cleanser and setting sprays backups

Sheet masks

Hair, Face and Body Care Products

Makeup Pallettes


Manicure stuffs and more polishes

More Makeup


What's in my bathroom


and more.....