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Monday, December 2, 2013

It's SYN-AKE Effector

Contents: 30ml
Price: Won 11,800.00
Local of Purchase: It's Skin (Korea)

According to It's skin's webpage:
Enriched serum that helps to strengthen resilience of skin with peptide which has similar structure with snake venom, and to repair wrinklesrepair wrinkles of skin with adenosine.
Formulated with synake, adenosine, baobab extract, prickly pear fruit extract, malt extract and filtrate from yeast fermentation.
High-enriched ampoule that gives elasticity and moisture, and provides healthy skin.
After using toner, apply a proper amount (about 2~3 fills with fountainpen filler) to face and neck. Let skin absorb it with gentle stroke.
Ingredients: Syn-Ake, adenosine, baobab extract,Indian fig extract, malt extract, lactobacillus fermentation, and yeast fermented filtered ingredient.
My Opinion:
I've initially though that this product really came from snake venom, and didn't really wanted to try, but after some googling and according to
It's like Botox, but with a different kind of sting.
An anti-ageing cream with an active ingredient designed to mimic the effect of the venom of a temple viper is available on the high street for the first time.
Known as Syn-ake, the chemical aims to banish wrinkles as effectively as the face-freezing injections. 

When I found out that Syn-ake is not actually snake venom I've decided to get a bottle, and after reading this article, was having really high expectations, hoping that it'll take a few years away from  me. Unfortunately after having used half a bottle, I did not notice any improvements at all....

I'll finish my bottle and keep you updated on the results, but I'm not having much hopes.

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