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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Body Shop Spiced Vanilla Hand Cream

Contents: 30ml / 1 us fl oz
Price: HK$149.00 (this came in a set of 3)

This moisturising hand cream is scented with vanilla and a hint of spice. It helps to condition nails and leaves hands feeling softer and smoother.

• Moisturising
• Conditions nails 
• No parabens

My Opinion:

This is a limited edition scent that I got on a X'mas set back in 2012 and never got around using it. As I've mentioned inumerous time that I'm on a low buy, so I'm finally digging into my stash and start using things up.

The reason why this was left unused was because it did not smell like vanilla at all, but I did notice the scent of spices. Although I'm not a huge fan of the scent, I do like the cream, it has a thick texture that really hydrates and soften my hand, but it does take sometime to be absorbed, not ideal to carry it on your purse. The scent is very strong and it does last, so I guess it will be overpowering for the summer.

Although this is a limited edition scent I've noticed that Body Shop's does bring it back every X'mas, so if you like it you may still get it around X'mas time.

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