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Sunday, May 24, 2015

November 2014 - April 2015 Empties

It's been six months since I've last updated my blog, and yes I'm still alive, although I've been thru a lot in these few months, I'm not going to bored you with the details of my personal life.

Let's start with a huge empty article, but I must admit that I did not take pictures of every single item that I've finished in the last six month, because there was a stage when I was actually going to give up blogging, but when I notice that people are actually still reading my blog, I've decided to start over.

Since I've got so many pictures of empties I've decided to group them by categories:


I've technically only finished 3 concealers, because the maybelline one was dried out, and amongst these four I've only repurchased Bobbi Brown. 


I'd never actually though that I would finished that many fragrances in six month, but I'm glad that I did, because now I can move on to new ones. I have repurchased the Body Fantasy in vanilla, and if it were still available I would have repurchased the Burberry one, but since it was a limited edition I was unable to locate it. For all the others, I did enjoy them while I had it, but I don't think I like them enough to repurchase.


This is just a group of essentials, makeup removers and cleansers, nothing worth mentioning or raving about.

Hair treatment

Now this is a category worth mentioning, apart from the essential hair mask and the Joico K-pak that I can't be without, I've really liked the It's a 10 Miracle Deep Conditioner and the Kiehl's Olive Hair mask, I've actually stock up on the Kiehl's hair mask when they were having 20% off last week.


I've switch to sulfate free shampoo about a year ago, and for the past year I've found a few really good ones, that would include it's a 10 and alba botanica, however I've only recently noticed that alba botanica clarifying shampoo has been discontinued.

Body Moisturizer

I'm not in love with any of these body moisturizer, but it's worth mentioning that the L'occitane one is a whipped cream that I've finished in 10 days (unbelievable) and given the price I don't think I'll be repurchasing..., and the body shop satsuma sorbet smells aaaaaaamazing, but it provides zero hydration.

Facial Serums and Moisturizer

I've gone tru 2 bottles of the Caudalie Vinosource, and this has become an essential for me, regarding the Estee Lauder Ceramide Eye Complex Capsules, these are great for travelling, therefore I always have a bottle around. 

Apart from the Olay eye serum which has given me milia, I've enjoyed using everything in this category.


I'm pretty sure that I've gone thru more masks than what's shown, but I must have forgotten to take pictures. I would definetly repurchase the o'slee and the proactive mask, but I'm not so sure about the paper mask.

Shower Gel

Again another category that I've forgotten to take pictures for my empties.... But I'm sure that I've gone thru at least 2 bottles of the L'occitane Lavander Shower Gel, and this has become one of my favorites.


I must have gone thru half a dozen of hand washes, blotting sheet and at least 2 bottles of the ettusais aqua splash ob which is a mattifier. I haven't written a review for this, but this is mine summer essential which I'll be reviewing soon.

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