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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hazeline Snow Moisturising Cream

Hazeline Snow Moisturising Cream
HK$16 for 50g

I got this after reading Shirley Cheung (張玉珊)raving about it in her book, she claims that when she uses this stuff, people won't even notice that she is not wearing makeup. According to her recommendation you are suppose to use this after your skincare regime, dot it over your face and wait for it to dry up slightly before you spread it all over your face. Afterwards, apply your concealer and you are ready to go. She claims that this stuff has improved her skin texture.

I had to go thru several drugstore before I got hold of a bottle of this (I was told that because of Shirley's review, this stuffs actually ran out of stock several times). Hazeline Snow is made in Malaysia and is dirt cheap, it cost less than US$3.
It says in the box:

Hazeline moisturising cream naturally protects skin with Hydromoisturisers. A scientific enhancement of nature's unique properties for moisturising your skin.
  • Contains: Hydromoisturisers, a natural moisturising ingredient of pure Nature's water enhance by science.
  • 100% oil free formulation for non greasy appearance.
  • Refreshingly cool and light protection for soft, smooth skin - naturally and gently.
Net wt. 50g Manufactured in Malaysia (under License of Unilever PLC London)
My opinion:
It has a solid texture, and you have to dig it out from the bottle, but when your spread it over your face it kind of melt into your skin.

This stuffs has a matte finish and will give you oil control, but I don't think it has any moisturising effect at all. When applied on my face, my skin turns slightly whiter than usual, and you can feel a film on your face.

I don't think I'll ever use this as a skin care product, but I think I can use it as a primer to mattify my face during summer time.

Note: it has strong fragrance (smells like baby powder), and if you don't like fragrance stay away from it.

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