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Monday, February 8, 2010

Egyptian Magic

4 OZ

(after 1 week use)

  • olive oil
  • bees wax
  • honey
  • bee pollen
  • royal jelly
  • bee propolis
  • Divine love
According to Egytian's Magic Webpage, here are the reasons for using egyptian magic:
  • skin care moisturizer & beauty cream
  • healing burns & treating cuts and scrapes
  • healing scars
  • natural hair conditioner
  • eczema & psoriasis treatment
  • skin rash cream
I've got this because of all the raves in the beauty forums, and was really excited when I got it. I've been using this for 1 week now, and the results aren't as devastating as I was expecting.....
For the first 4 days, I've only used it in the evening, because I was afraid that it might be too greasy for me. After my first night of using it, I was shocked (not in a pleasurable way), my face was full of tiny white heads (although they are really easy to clear), the problem persisted for 4 days.... On the 5th day I've started to doubt about the hydrating effect of this product, usually i always use a hydrating serum before my moisturizer, but since this is such a greasy product, I've just skip the serum, well on the 5th day I've started using this on top of my serum in the morning, and by nighttime no damages was found, so I've continue to use it for the evening and I woke up without having any obvious problem. I'll keep on using this day and night for a while and see what happens...
Update: after using it for 3 weeks
I'm officially done with this product, I no longer use this at night because is just not good enough, I need a night cream that will make my skin really soft and hydrated when I wake up (and I've already found it, keep reading my blog and I'll be reviewing it soon, that would be my POT OF GOLD).
I'm still using Egyptian Magic as my day cream, but that's simply because I don't want to waste it. Although this is not my favorite face cream, I really like using it on my hands and cuticles, most of the dry lines are instantly gone after aplication, but I don't think that I'm willing to pay US$30 for a hand cream.....
Update: after using it for 4 weeks
I'm no longer using this on my face anymore, because I've started to break out again...., but as I've mentioned before this is a great hand cream and lip balm, at least it won't go wasted

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