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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mandom Beauty Barrier Repair Baby Moist Base

Contents: 30ml
Price: HK$69

All the information that I found about this product is in Japanese, so I'll just tell you what I know and give you my opinion :

  1. It has SPF6 / PA+
  2. This product does not have any fragrance, and it comes in a slightly pinkish color, but when applied on is basically colorless.
  3. After application you'll need to wait for a minute for it to sink in (you can't apply your foundation straight away), and when dry it'll leave a film over your skin.
  4. It has hyaluronic acid as one of the main ingredients, which is meant to hydrate your skin.
  5. I truly dislike its packaging, because it comes in a glass bottle with a huge opening which makes it really difficult to get the appropriate amount of product.
I've been using it daily for the last few days, because the weather was really dried, and I have to admit that this stuff is really hydrating, but apart from that, it did nothing to my makeup, I didn't notice any difference at all. This feels more like a skin care product rather than a makeup product.

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