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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Covermark Essence Foundation


This is the old version

Shade N10

According to Covermark's webpage:

Clear moist beauty skin that feels like serum

It is a cream foundation with high treatment effect that is also known as "Flesh-colored Essence". It is designed based on original theory. Even if time passes, it will keep the dullness-free skin, and clear skin as if you get the "just put on makeup" look.

Product Features:

  1. Spreads over smoothly even on rough skin caused by irregular lifestyle or lack of sleep. Closely fits on skin and keeps it moist for a long time.
  2. Long-lasting W/O emulsion type foundation with volatile oil as the base component.
  3. Contains several types of plant extracts to treat rough skin.
  4. Blocks UV rays and prevents dark spots and freckles. (SPF18, PA++)
  5. Fragrance free.

New Version

This used to be my favorite foundation until they've changed into the new formula and packaging. I've never tried the new version yet (I have a few bottles of foundation that I need to finish up before I can try this, but I'm definetly going to try it)

Well, this review is going to be for the old version, it is close to full coverage, and with this I don't even need my concealer (not really, I still need my concealer for my undereye area). Although it is a high coverage foundation, it doesn't look like you are wearing tones of makeup, it looks very natural.

I had this in Shade N10, which is not really my shade, it is way too light for my skintone, but I got it without trying it and I've relied on the recommendation of the sales lady (huge mistake that I've never repeated again), but the texture and coverage is just impeccable, I'll definetly recommend it to everyone that likes a natural full coverage makeup.

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