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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Giorgio Armani - Master Corrector

Shade: 2 Orange
Contents: 4.4ml or 0.14 fl oz
Price: HK$230

According to Giorgio Armani's Webpage:

Corrective concealer in four color-balancing shades designed to target specific complexion concerns. Exclusive micro-fil technology allows for targeted correction, visibly concealing imperfections while light-reflecting pearls impart a halo of light imparting a seamless, flawless facial canvas.

Corrective concealer shades include:
  1. pink: counteracts sallow, dull skin and effectively corrects yellow and olive pigmentation.
  2. orange: targets olive or darker skin tones to conceal under-eye circles, freckles, dark spots and hyper-pigmentation.
  3. yellow: balances pink skin tones, brightens dull skin, conceals red-marks, pinkish blemishes and under-eye circles.
  4. green: tones down redness in skin, conceals small blemishes and blotchiness induces by rosacea or skin irritation.
My Opinion:
If you have been following my blog you might have notice that I'm nuts about concealer and correctors, and I've tried my share of products.
I would highly recommend this product if you are like me, with genetic dark eye circles. It is in orange and really neutralises all darkness in your undereye area, and since it comes in a liquid texture, it will not emphasis your lines or dry out your undereye area.
The only downside about this product is the impossibility to wear it alone, you have to top it with a flesh color concealer, otherwise your whole undereye area will look orangy, which looks kind of weird.

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