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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Missha M Signature Radiance Makeup Base

Missha M Signature Radiance Makeup Base SPF 15 PA+
Shade: Green
Contents: 35ml
Price : HK$188

According to Missha's Webpage:

An excellent Makeup Base which evens out your skin tone with its powerful wearing benefit, while providing abundant moisture & nutrients to your skin with its powder enriched with MINERALS & BOTANICAL Collagen .

My Opinion:

This comes in 2 shades purple and green. The green one really washes me out, whenever I use it I always look pale/sick. I must have mentioned before that I only use it whenever I have redness or break outs (to even out the skintone).

I've been using it again recently and found out that it started to smell weird, so I've just toss it..... I think is about time for another project 10 pan and for this time I'm only going to count makeup products.

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