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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mandom - Pucelle Mist Cologne

Contents: 150ml

Price: RP11,000 (approximately HK$10)

價錢: 約HK$10

Earlier this year everybody was raving about the Johnson's Baby Cologne , and although I did get several bottles (different scents), I wasn't really impressed.

I had to mention the Johnson's Baby Cologne, because while I was on Holiday in Bali and searching for the Johnson's Baby Cologne, I've noticed that in Indonesia they carry these body mist from Mandom (Japanese skincare and cosmetics brand) in the local supermarket, and after trying every scent, I got the following (pic from left to right):

  • Sparkling Love (gentle floral and bright fruity)
  • Jolly Rhythm (juicy fruity and blooming floral)
  • Tropical Spirit (fresh floral)
  • Eccentric Breezen (fresh floral and citrus fruity)

Ingredients (成份): SD Alchohol 40-B, Water, Fragrance, PEG-50 Hydrogenated Castro Oil, Benzophenone-2

My Opinion:
This comes in 12 scents, but I only got the fruity ones (personal preference).
Although these mist do not last, and were marketed for young girls (which I'm no longer), I still like to use it during the hot summer days to freshen up.
For 10 bucks, I really wasn't expecting much, but I think these smells much better than the Johnson's Bably Cologne.


  1. I've got no idea if they have these in Singapore

  2. Hi ! Does philippines sell it ?

    1. I've got not idea if they have it in philippines.

  3. I've got these body splash from Bali, and I've got no idea where else it would be available.