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Sunday, May 9, 2010

YSL Haul

Been to YSL today and got a few things, mostly lipsticks.
Rouge Volupte - HK$195 each
Gloss Volupte - HK$190
Radiant Touch - HK$290

Rouge Volupte Shade 1 - Nude Beige (I've wanted this ages ago, but it was always out of stock....)

Rouge Volupte Shade 2 - sensual silk

Gloss Volupte shade5 - Sugared Almond

I think I've been con into getting the Gloss Volupte lipgloss, I've actually only wanted to get the lipstick, but the saleslady was saying that those colors that I've got are mostly nude and that my lips are slightly pigmented, therefore I won't look good with them. She then recommended me to get the lipgloss and told me that it will neutralize my lip color.

I've tried the lipgloss and it didn't neutralize my natural lip color, but it's ok, because all of these lip products smells delicious, mango fragranced.

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