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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

B & C Tsururi Pore Retouch Stick

Shade: Beige (This only comes in 1 shade)
Price: HK$75


B & C Tsururi Pore Retouch Stick is a pencil-shaped concealer for touch-up purpose. It effectively conceals blackheads and enlarged pores. Highly Stretching Powder and Sebum Absorbing Powder enable better adherence and sebum-free matt look.

Super Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen and Ceramide are contained to bind moisture for long-lasting makeup finish. This natural beige concealer give you translucent skin.

How to use it:

Apply directly to troubled areas, such as nosewings, red dots and dark circles etc. Then blend with finger tips.

My Opinion:

Whenever I'm in a hurry (which is basically everyday), I just swipe it across my trouble areas and blend it with my fingers.

This is very convenient and easy to use, it's a pity that only comes in one shade, if you are a NC30 this might work for you


  1. My sister gave me Benefit Erase Paste in medium but it is too dark, peachy-orange, too thick and creamy for my under-eyes, and annoying to put on everyday. So I ordered B&C Tsururi before seeing your review. I liked that it was beige (I can't do too yellow or too peach) and seemed quick to apply on nose and eye area. My skin tone is almost like yours. Now that I see your photos, it looks darker than I thought...I hope it gives a natural look. Thanks.

  2. Actually this is more yellow than beige, the camera didn't really pick up the color.... did it work out for your?