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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Liese Designing Jelly III - Nuance Make

Contents: 75ml
Price: HK$49.90

According to Kao's webpage:
Product Features
Hair does not feel oily, sticky or stiff after styling. You will not experience the usual stickiness from wax nor the stiff, hard look that results from using gel.
Allows you to re-shape your hair anytime. The Designing Jelly spreads easily and allows you to style and re-shape your hair quickly without fuss.
One-touch pump design that prevents styling products from getting under your nails.
This product comes in 4 texture, and III Nuance Make is for an airy yet defined look, create volume and define specific areas for an airy yet defined look.
My Opinion:
I hate hair products that are either sticky on stiffm and this one just give me the exact amount of control, and it smells great. The only downfall is it's size, I need 5 squirts for my hair, and I went thru a bottle in 2 weeks, just wish they were bigger.....

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