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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Eye Roller

Price: HKD 400+

Product Description:
  • Medical silicone material containing cosmetic mineral element and conduct heat by far-infrared technology
  • Contain germanium element with 99.99% high purity
  • Improve skin activity and postpone skin aging
  • Eliminate the black eye rim and pouch, smooth wrinkles
  • Fade the splash and shrink pore, release eye fatigue
  • Improve eye blood circulation and postpone the aging of cells, improve skin luster and elasticity
  • Lithium battery is chargeable and reusable
My Opinion:
I was clearing my drawer and found this in my possession, and this is the crappiest gadget that I have ever bought...

This is suppose to be a dupe for the i roller from jcshop (selling for HK$980), which is suppose to reduce eyelines and dark circles. I haven't tried the jcshop one, but after using this I have no intention to try the other one.

The sales lady told my to roll over my eyes after I wash my face, and whenever I finish rolling my under eye area are all crinkly, and I look exactly like my grandma (sorry grandma).

I've alwyas intended to get rid of it, and since I'm clearing my make up drawer, this would be gone.

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