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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Dr. Morita Natural Sponge Cucumber Water

Contents: 60ml / 150ml
Price: HKD12.00 / HKD23.00

Ingredients: Water, Pentylene, Glycol, EDTA, Isothiazolinones, Fragrance.

My Opinion:

I've been spraying this all over my face before my skincare, because it seems that my skincare products absorbs faster on a damp face.

In my opinion this is just a slightly scented (cucumber scent) water in a bottle, which I happen to like the scent and since it was so cheap I went back an got a big bottle.

容量: 60ml / 150ml
價錢:HKD12.00 / HKD23.00

◆ 由天然絲瓜莖採擷而成的絲瓜萃取液,具強效保濕、清新舒緩及柔敏功效,舒緩緊繃乾燥的肌膚。
◆ 不黏膩的天然保濕成份能補充肌膚必要的水份及濕潤感,適合每日重覆使用,並可明顯有效的改善乾燥、缺水的肌膚

※ 使用方式清潔後直接噴於臉部即可



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