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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

e.l.f. Brushes

Foundation Brush - 粉底掃

Small Angled Brush-斜型眼線掃

Blush Brush-胭脂掃

Powder Brush-碎粉掃

Flat Eyeliner Brush-平頭眼線掃

My Opinion:
e.l.f. brushes are actually hits or misses, there are some that I really like, but there are also a few that I barely touched, but before I start with my review, let me clarify that I don't usually use the brushes for the expected purpose. Like the foundation brush, I never use it to apply foundation, actually I never use paddle brushes for foundation, the result is always streaky, but I like to use this kind of foundation brushes for cream blushes.

Please ignore the stain on the small angle brush above because it has been used, and I like to use it for a wing liner.

The blush brush was really a miss, personally I found it too small for blushes and a bit to scratchy for my taste, but I can still use it for highlighters.

Again the powder blush was actually too small for powder (IMO), but I found it to be the right size for blushes or bronzers.

Finally, for the flat liner brush, I found it to be too soft for liner, and I actually prefer to use it for highlights in the inner corner of my eyes.

Perhaps I'm weird when it comes to makeup brushes, but I'll always find a way to use them.





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