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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Lux Super Damage Repair Black Diamond Energy Supply Essence

Contents: 100ml
Price: HKD49.90

My Opinion:

This is a life saver product for me, while I was on holiday in Guam I forgot to bring my set of hair treatment products and was freaking out worrying about what would happen to my hair after I wash it.

The only hair product that I had with me was the Lux essence, and after washing my hair, I've smooth 1 squirt (more than this will leave my hair greasy) over my towel dry hair, and on the next day my hair was still manageble. Note: I have oily but really damage curly hair, a product that's too rich will flatten my hair while a product that's not rich enough will leave my hair unmanageable.

容量: 100ml
價錢: HKD49.90


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