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Saturday, December 10, 2011

PHY Camellia Oil

Contents: 200ml
Price: HKD238.00

According to package:

What is meant by Camellia Oil?
Camellia Oil is not a comestic product, it is a natural an pure oil. It is indispensable to the human skin. It's medical name is "Oleic Oil", which is found in Camellia Oil and is the major component (86%) of this oil. It is not easy to be oxygenated and evaporate. It fits perfectly the human body.

The magic of Camellia Oil
According to resarches conducted by experts in China, Japan, the US and Europe, Camellia Oil is the most easily absorbed by the human skin among the plant oil. It activates and improves people's skin by spreading the oil essence into the deepest skin base.

The process of the metabolism: after we apply Camellia oil on the skin, the oil essence will spread into the layer of skin. Just as the grass turns to look fresh, moist and pretty after watering, so the skin will become moist, fresh and elastic with the supplement of Camellia oil.

The history of Camellia Oil
Camellia Oil has a history of more than 3,000 years in China. It reached its peak in usage in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. According to legend, Empress Dowager Cixi of the Qing Dynasty used Camellia Oil as the body and facial massage oil, keeping her skin smooth and bright.

In the Republican period, MDM Meiling Soong, wife of Chiang Kai Chek, believed firmly in Camellia Oil. She is now living in New York City, aged 103. On her hundred year oil birthday, she told a senior reporter of the New Your Times about the secrets of her skincare. One of them is her nurse using Camellia Oil to do facial and body massage for her every night before sleeping.

Josephine, mistress of Napoleon, also loved Camellia Oil. She planted only Camellia in her garden. A gardener was specially assigned to extract the oil from the flower seeds which was then used as the skin lotion for Josephine. People found Josephine as pretty as the flower when the garden was full of the luxuriant Camellia. Therefore, people called her "the Princess of Camellia" .

Many movie stars in Hollywood also perceive Camellia Oil as their skin protector since the pureness of the Oil is of great benefit to their skin.

Women in today's Japan are crazy about Camellia Oil. There is at least one Camellia Oil Club with huge membership in each province or city in Japan. Camellia Oil in Japan originated in the Tang Dynasty. An emperor of the Tang Dynasty gave Camellia seeds to a certain Japan official as gift. People in Japan discovered the magic power of Camellia Oil since then.

The main components of Camellia Oil
The growth period of Camellia Oil is quite long. It blooms in winter, bears fruit in spring and harvests seeds in autumn. Camellia Oil is extracted from these seeds which have absorbed the essence of the nature in different seasons. Camellia Oil is 100% pure and natural.

There re three types of Camellia with three different colors: one is white, one red and one golden. Camellia oil extracted from the golden Camellia which is the best among the three.

The Camellia Oil is composed of:
  • Oleic Oil - 86%
  • Linolenic Acid - 5%
  • Palmitic Acide 7.4%
  • Unsaponifiable Matter - 0.9%
  • Phytosterol - 0.6%
Other components include Vitamin, Protein, etc, which are beneficial to the human body and, certainly, without any harms.

Amazing Functions of Camellia Oil
According to the minutes of the meetings of Camellia Oil Club members (during the meetings they talked about their experiences of using Camellia Oil), the amazing functions of this oil are:

  • makes the tough skin become smooth tight and elastic.
  • lightens the black spots and red spots on the skin emerged after long exposure to sunlight.
  • softens the skin pores in the face and body; makes it easier to erase the pimples and acne on the skin
  • for sensitive skin: camellia oil normalizes the skin operation and keeps the skin in good condition. It also strengthens skin protection.
  • reduces dirts and wrinkles on the skin
  • provide the skin with adequade moisture and nutrition to prevent the skin from losing elasticity
My opinion:

This came highly recommended by a colleague at work, and she actually swears by it, she uses on her face, body and hair. Since she keeps on raving about this product, I got myself a bottle, and actually felt guilty for not liking it.....

This oil smells exactly like cooking oil and the scent lingers on for over an hour, seriously I just can't stand smelling like cooking oil.....

I don't know about my readers, but I've never heard about camellia oil before this colleague started to rave about it, after doing some research, there's actually another well known name for this oil and is call Tsubaki (ring some bells?).










  • 油酸中性脂肪 - 86%
  • 亞油酸 - 5%
  • 棕櫚酸 - 7.4%
  • 不皂化物 - 0.9%
  • 甾醇 - 0.6%

  • 成份天然,容易被皮膚吸收/更新細胞,可對抗皮膚老化現象。
  • 可改善粗糙有皺紋的皮膚,使皮膚變得細緻/幼滑富彈性。
  • 可改善敏感性皮膚,使肌膚變得健康及具抵抗力。
  • 可軟化及去除面部皮膚的黑頭/粉刺,令膚質變得柔潤亮澤。
  • 可改善暴曬後引致的黑斑/斑點,並能淡化斑印。
  • 具營養潤髮的功效,可促進頭髮生長及使白髮轉黑。
  • 可紓緩及滋潤妊娠紋所引致的肚皮脹裂不適感。
  • 可滋潤乾燥爆裂的口唇/唇紋。






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