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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Janssen White Secrets 2-Phase Visible Fading Out

Contents: 6 phials each 1/4 fl. oz (7.5ml@)
Price: HKD1,320.00
Local of Purchase: mimingmart

According to Janssen's webpage:

2-Phase Visible Fading Out is a double-action lightening product that fights over-pigmentation and unsightly age spots in a gentle and natural way. This skin care product is the result of the latest intensive research and development project and features a unique combination of active ingredients for truly effective, safe and natural skin lightening. JANSSEN Cosmeceutical Care, in conjunction with Dr. Sacher Laboratory, is proud to announce 2-Phase Visible Fading Out as the successful end result of our advanced and innovative biophysical developments in the area of skin lightening

According to the package:

Two component preparation for an effective skin brigthening: Pure vitamin C phosphate as powder phase and a highly concentrated liquid phase containing mulberry extract and a botanical complex of waltheria indica exctract and mild alpha hydroxy acids (citric, glyconate and ferulic acid) to counteract hyper-pigmentation and age spots. Six phials are suitable for a six weeks treatment.

Ingredients: Aqua (water), butylene glycol, mannitol, morus alba (morus alba root extract), waltheria indica (waltheria indica leaf extract), ferulic acid, sodium gluconate, dextrin, disodium EDTA, citric acid, sodium citrate, methylparaben, propylparaben. Powder phase: dosium ascorbyl phosphate.

Application: 2-Phase Visible Fadin Out is designed as a 6-week course of treatment. One vial, comprised of a separate powder and liquid component, is available for each week. Prior to initial application, the vial's bung is simply pressed in to mix both components. The powder component pours into the liquid component. Then shake well and place the pipette head on.

Apply a small quantity of the vial's contents after cleansing and toning in the evening. Then apply the usual care cream. During the day, the skin should be protected with a high sun protection factor under all circumstances.

My Opinion:

I don't really need to lighten my skin, but since I do have issues with hyperpigmentation and wanting to even out my skin tone, and clear out my spot marks, I've got sucked into this after watching Erica Yuen's video.

I'm on my last bottle, and I was really dissapointed with this product, because it didn't make any visible difference on my skin tone.....

I've noticed that my skin was brighter during the first 2 days when I start with a new bottle, but  the effect was gone on the 3rd day, and since this was such an expensive product I was expecting more from it.

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