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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Leave in conditioner

Price: 25 Bahts
Local of Purchase: Central Food Hall (Thailand)

As I have mentioned on my previous post, I forgot to bring a leave-in conditioner on my last trip to Thailand and had to get something to tame down my unruly hair, since the Boots Botanics Leave-in Volumizing Conditioner did not work, I went into Central Food Hall and got a few different leave-in conditioner to try out, and I was lucky this time, because most of the items that I got seems to be working.

This product only came in Thai, so I had no idea what brand it was or what ingredients it contains, but I did love it. I've applied on my damp hair, and it smells amazing, it really hydrates and nourishes my hair, and when my hair was dry, it was super soft.

I know that I do have a few Thai readers out there, so if you came across this article, please let me know what this product is call, because I certainly intend to stock it up on my next trip to Thailand.