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Monday, October 29, 2012

Panasonic Ion Hair Brush

Price: HK$118.00
Local of Purchase: Lan Lan cosmetic house

According to Panasonic's webpage:

The Panasonic Ion hair brush charges your hair with negative ions which help keep hair soft and silky smooth. Negative ions are a combination of oxygen carrying negative electricity and microscopic moisture particles in the air. When hair is dry it becomes positively charged, the ion brush works by attaching negative ions to the positively charged hair.

Power Source: 1AAA battery

My Opinion:

The only part of my hair that I need it to be straight and smooth are my bangs, unfortunately this did nothing to my hair...



  1. Hello, I apologize if this posts twice, but I was wondering if you might know where I can purchase this brush online? I've only seen it on Amazon for $115USD, which seems extremely high.

    1. Sorry MusicJunkie, I got mine in a store in Hong Kong, and it was about US$15