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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Resche Extra Repair Mask

Contents: 250g
Price: HK$128
Local of Purchase: Mannings

This product was not listed in the Kracie's official webpage, and I was unable to find any info about it in English.

Before I start reviewing this product, I've to let you know that I'm very fussy about hair care products, because I've got super damage hair (due to repeated chemical treatments), and very oil scalp (not a good combo).

I've always though that my hair could never get worse, but recently I've dyed it black, and have finally outdone myself in damaging it, they are actually very crispy and crunchy at the moment.

Honestly I didn't wanted to chop it off, so I got a few different hair masks (reviews coming up soon) and am on a mission to rescue my hair.

This product really did nothing to my hair, it didn't even felt smoother after application so I can't imagine it repairing the damages. I've used it 3 times and I guess that I'll try it again in the summer and see if it will work better.


  1. Ummm..Sounds like an useless product :(

    1. IDK it seems that alot of people like it, perhaps my hair is just too badly damage.