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Saturday, July 6, 2013

MiQi Miracle Super Miracle Beauty Cream

Contents: 40g
Locao of Purchase: Yue Hwa
Price: HK$68.00

According to the package:
Miracle Super Quality Beauty Cream (no fragrance)
Miracle Super Quality Beauty Cream (no fragrance) is made of the extracts of rare Chinese medicinal herbs, vitamins and skin moisturizer. It can be absorbed rapidly and is immediate in its effect of postpone the ageing of skin. Regular use of it will keep your skin soft, smooth and delicate.
This cream was awarded gold medal at the 38th Brussels Eureka World Fair for Invention and registered with U.S.A. FDA. The CPIS number is F0070144

My Opinion:

About 2 years ago I've tried Kingsparkle MiQi Super Miracle Beauty Cream,  and I remember liking it, so recently I've decided to try the unscented version.

First of all, there was a scent in it, and it actually reminded me of my grandma, but that faded really fast, so it wasn't really a problem. In terms of performance, I've been using it as a night cream, and it left my skin soft and hydrated the next morning.

Although I've liked this product, I don't think I'll be repurchasing because I was unable to find the ingredients list, and since this is a product from China, I want to know exactly what's in it. 

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