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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Kingsparkle MiQi Super Miracle Beauty Cream

Contents: 40g
Price: HKD108

According to the package:

Founded by Mr. Wong Chang Mo, Deputy Head of Pharmacy in 301 Hospital, The People's Liberation Army, Miracle Super Quality Beauty Cream has been awarded gold medal at the 38th Brussels Eureka World Fair for Invention. It has also passed the test and experimentation by F.D.A., the United States, the Ministry of Health in Singapore.

Evolved from the Miracle Super Quality Beauty Cream, the " Kingsparkle Miqi" Miracle Super Quality Beauty Cream is now unveiled with a more effective and refined formulation. With such precious Chinese herbal extracts as Ginseng, Spanish Safflower and Rose Oil, " Kingsparkle Miqi" Miracle Super Quality Beauty Cream can act effectively at every level of the skin, leaving your skin soft and tender.

This cream can also provide the skin with essential vitamin, improve rejuvenation; prevent the formation of dark signs. Consistent use can even help correct all the visible signs of ageing and you can find your skin becoming more delicate. "Kingsparkle Miqi" Miracle Super Quality Beauty Cream always acts as a barrier, performing three functions as whitening, moisturising and anti-wrinkle.

Ingredients: Cordyeeps, Ginseng, Natural Rose Oil, Western Red Flower, Marten Oil, Dimethicone Copolyop, Arbutin.

My Opinion:

I think the first thing that I need to mention about this product is that it's from China, because I'm aware that alot of you are sceptical about products from China, and to be honest, I've never tried any skincare or makeup products from China before this....

Anyway, I've read several bloggers raving about this product, and since the price is within the range of a drugstore product, I just gave in.

The texture of this cream is very thick, and it takes ages to be absorbed, after application it leaves a thin film and a sheen behind, so there's no way I could use it in the daytime.

I've been using it as a night cream, and I've actually already finished my bottle, so I guess this product wasn't that bad, and true to it's words, it really left my skin very soft in the morning, and although it has a thick texture, my skin wasn't oily when I woke up. The only thing that I didn't like about this product is it's scent, it actually smells like cheap perfume, but since it wasn't strongly scented I've just ignored it. I've read that this comes in an unscented version, so I think I'm going to try that next.

Overall, I believe that from this price range, this cream outperforms a lot of drugstore brands and it's definetly worth a try.












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