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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

O'sulloc Water+ Rich Apple

Contents: 91g (13g x 7packets)
Price: HK$48.00
Local of Purchase: Moms & Moms
According to
O'sulloc Water+ Slimming & Detoxifying Drink (Rich Apple) regulates bowel movement to relieve irregular defecation (constipation or diarrhea). Helps digestion, removes toxins inside the body. Increases metabolism, enhances detoxification.

O'sulloc Water+ Slimming & Detoxifying Drink contains 4000mg dietary fiber, which equal to 8 apples or 5 potatoes, it helps to increase daily fiber intake, and improve the functions of dietary tracts.
My Opinion:
O'sulloc's product has been really popular in Asia, and this brand is actually from the same company that made Laneige, i.e. Amore Pacific.
This is a Detoxifying Product that you are suppose to take for 7 days, it has a gel texture and you mix it with 100ml of cool water and to be taken 30 minutes before sleep.
I really had no complaints about this product, it tasted like apple cider, which was really easy to ingest, it did not increase bowel movements (I'm very consistent), but it did detoxify because I actually felt lighter. It didn't gave me any cramps of diarrhea.
Personally I think that it's essential to detoxify, but most of the detoxifying products that I've tried before will either give me cramps or diarrhea, so I was really glad to have found this product and I would definetly repurchase. 

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