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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Horse Oil

Contents: 80g
Price: 2,100 Yen

My Opinion:

Recently my skin has not been behaving, my cheeks hurts no matter what I use, and I had to stop using my clarisonic or exfoliating. Being someone with oily skin for my whole life, it has never occured to me that my skin was actually hurting because IT'S DRY.
Until a colleague of mine told me that I might need something richer, I've finally came to realize that my skin was very dry... I still don't get it because I use a serum and moisturizer every day and night but it still hurts. Finally I've switch to this moisturizer and after 3 days, my skin is finally back to normal.
I've always been afraid of rich texture cream, because I do break out easily, even with this cream, I've noticed black heads after using it for about a week, but I've started to exfoliate every 2 days and the issue has been resolved, but if I don't acnes starts popping up.
I got this on my last trip to Hokkaido and was going to use it on my feet because these tend to be extremely dry during the winter, and since nothing seems to be working on my face, I've decided to try this out.
This is a gel texture moisturizer that's very rich, and you only need a tiny bit to do the work, it moisturizes and heal my skin from dryness. I've read it somewhere that Horse Oil tend to have a rancid scent, but fortunately this stuffs does not have a scent and I've already been using it for nearly 3 weeks, my skin loves it. I'll definetly repurchase if I someone could tell me where to get this in Hong Kong.

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