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Monday, April 14, 2014

Giorgio Armani Maestro

Shade: 2
Contents: 30ml
Price: HK$630.00

According to Armani's webpage:
A formula that is easy to apply with unified distribution, and covers imperfections. An ultra-fine oil-pigment suspension that perfects the complexion, instantly igniting skin’s natural luminosity. A water and powder-free base.
An unforgettable and unique texture created by patented Fusion Technology. The Fusion makeup technology delivers the thinnest color film that blends perfectly and corrects skin imperfections without buildup.
Application Tips:
  •  Shake the bottle and put three drops in the palm of your hand.
  • In rapid and fluid movements, spread the foundation out from the center of face to the edges. Make sure to concentrate the application in the center of the face where most imperfections are found.
  • Blend from the center of forehead to the temples, from the nose, across the cheeks towards the ears, and then from the chin, up along the jaw line
My Opinion:

I got this during the winter and never got around using it, because this product is not for dry skin (although I do not have dry skin), I was unable to use this during the winter, I clings to any dry patches that you have, even though I wasn't aware that I had any dry patches.

Recently I got this out again and finally started to enjoy it. First off, this is a really light foundation, and it was so light that sometimes I even forgot that I was wearing makeup. Although is light you can layer it, I usually wear 1 thin layer all over and add a second layer on the center of my face. It evens out any redness and it blurs out the pores.

For the 1st half an hour this might look a bit cakey, and the strangest thing about this foundation is that the longer it stays on your skin the better it looks. It melts into your skin.

In terms of color matching, I think their shades are very forgiving, and although I got this in shade 2, I could have gotten away with a few other shades as well.

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