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Monday, December 14, 2009

IPSA – Essence for Pore Perfect Clear VS Herb Tea Purifying ACNE Collection


It says in the official web page:

A cream & mask that unclogs pores in two steps. The cream softens and loosens skin to help clear clogged pores. Then the highly adhesive mask thoroughly catches the plug from deep inside the clogged pores. The "oil-sealing effect" of the cream protects skin from damage when peeling off the mask.

Pre-cream 25g Mask 30g ¥3,990
(which is aproximately US$50, I've got mine in Hong Kong for HK$280, which is about US$37)

How to use:
  1. Apply Pre-cream to the areas with clogged pores using fingertips and leave on for about one minute.
  2. Rinse off the cream with cool or lukewarm water to towel dry, or wipe off the cream with a tissue.
  3. Apply the Pore Clear Mask to the fingertips and gently rub into the face until the skin is covered.
  4. When the mask dries (for about 10-15 minutes), remove the mask from the bottom upwardly.
  5. Follow with your regular skincare.
* Apply on cleansed skin. Use once or twice a week.

Pre Cream - 25g

Mask - 30g

Herb Tea Purifying ACNE Collection

This is a 3 step kit that i got in Taiwan, and it retails for NT$399 (which is approximately US$13):

Step 1 - Herb Tea - Skin Purifying Toner - 50ml
This toner is effecctive to soothe and soften the skin, and removes any excess of dirt and impurities.

Direction: Apply on T-zone area with your fingertips after cleansing

Step 2 - Herb Tea - Deep Purified Mask - 50ml

It contains herbal and tea extracts to draw out impurities from the skin, and prevents formation of black - heads and blemishes.

Direction: Use 1 - 2 times a week after step 1. Apply concentrating on the T-zone area. After it dries completely, gently pull off in an upward direction.

Step 3 - Herb Tea - Skin Refreshing Essence - 50ml

Discouraging skin's oily output and helping to regulate oil secretion. It balances skin's pH and refine the pores

Direction: Spread a thin layer on T-zone area after step 2

After using both sets, I believe that the IPSA set was kind of too strong for my skin, although it might be suitable for someone with really oily skin, but if you have combo skin like mine I would recommend the Herb Tea set.

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