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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My Breakouts Culprit

Kose – Softymo Collagen Cleansing Cream

I can’t believe that it took me 3 whole weeks to figure out that this was the culprit for my breakouts…..

This is one of those makeup remover and cleanser 2 in 1 produdct (it is color and fragrance free, and it has collagen in it), and most importantly I always go over it with a foam cleanser. It has never occurred to me that a cleanser might actually cause breakouts, I’ve tried countless cleansers and never once did I break out because of it…..

I’ve got a new makeup remover today, Coreana Perfect Clean Cleansing Lotion, it says that it cleanses make up and impurities delicately with Multi Fruit Cocktail, which is a bunch of fruit extracts like pomegranate, kiwi, apple, lemon and grapes…..

I have never been choosy with cleansers, but I’ve paid nearly USD$30 for it, so it better work!

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