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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Beautician's Secret Hydra Source Intense Moisture Gel

Content: 50ml
Price: AUD$16.95

I've got his in, but I think you can get it from Watson's too, but I've got no idea how much it is.

According to pharmacyonline's webpage:

24 Hour NON-STOP Moisturisation!

HydraSource is a unique formula, developed to copy, replace and maintain essential elements that are found naturally in the skin when it is at its best. Combating skin damage and dehydration caused by our harsh environment; skin tone, elasticity, suppleness and vitality are maintained.

Skin Type: Normal to CombinationResult: 24 hour non-stop moisturisation, 100% increase in skin moisturisation, 300% increase in skin elasticity. Action: Boosts skin's Natural Moisturising Factor. Maintains optimal water content in the skin. Provides a cooling sensation on application.

Directions: Apply to cleansed skin on face every morning for a fresh burst of energy and at any time of the day for instant skin refreshment.

Ingredients: Imperata Cylindrica, natural sugars and proteins, postassium

I like using this during summer time, because it has a very refreshing fragrance, but after application you might need to wait for a minute or two for it to sink in, it does not absorb immediately.

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