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Sunday, January 31, 2010

January 2010 Favorite

Another month has been gone and here's my January's Favorite List of products:

  1. Maybelline Pure Makeup - I've been breaking out AGAIN, and I needed a higher coverage foundation. I had this in shade Light 3, and the coverage is so good that I don't even need a concealer for my pores and acne marks.
  2. The Body Shop Shimmer Waves - I use this on top of all my matte blushes for the glow
  3. Pot of gold - I've been using a sample size last month, and it was so good that I've already got a full size tube. Stay tuned because I'm going to do a individual review for this.
  4. Kanebo Coffret D'or Loose Powder - I've been using this to set both my foundation and undereye concealer, whatever that I have been using before was starting to look powdery on me (most probably because of the dry climate), this was the only powder that I had that didn't look cakey.
  5. Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer - I've started to use this in January, and have been using it for nearly a month, I'm still loving it, but as I've suspected the staying power is not as good as I've hoped, 5 hours max and I've to reapply it again... I already did a review on this, go check it out.
  6. Laura Mercier Secret Concealer (No.2) - It was on my favorite list since last month, I keep on using it because I'm trying to finish it off and I've already hit pan, I think this would be gone by next month...

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